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Re: RHL 9 - concerns Cant you just drop it ?

Can't you just drop it ? 

This is nowhere constructive, nowhere near of interest 
to me and quite frankly is the reason why im off the list as of
now.( Give me two minutes. ) Flame yourselves to dust if you want.

Im tired of these useless emails.

( oh yes ,i was forgetting : flame me for this  .. ; ) 

Signed : 

Anonymous ( Flame me for this too while you're at it.. )


On Sun, 30 Mar 2003 12:40:10 -0500
Jef Spaleta <jspaleta princeton edu> wrote:

> On Sun, 2003-03-30 at 11:20, Denice wrote:
> > I don't 'pretend' things Jef.  I say things that I mean.  Please don't
> > demean and belittle my understanding.
> I'm not. I'm pretty sure I'm demeaning and belittling your
> misunderstandings (and at the same time mine).  But I love the little "I
> say what I mean" comment, its a nice touch when added with comment below
> about having assume you misspoke when you said "we"...very
> paradoxical...very contradictory. Which is is? Do you say what you
> mean...or do damn phrases that you don't mean slip out on you?
> If you can't prevent such simple mis-speaking such as "we" when you mean
> just yourself, why should I assume that you mean what you say for more
> more complicated ideas. Careful, you are treading close to hypocrisy,
> but the subtle ironic humor and the self-inflicted wound you gave
> yerself in this post makes up for it. you say, you say what you mean,
> and yet i have to do  "s/we /some of us/g" to your posts to make them
> sound reasonable.  What other parsing rules should I apply as well?
> > There is no royal 'we' in the linux world.  Yes, sometimes the damn
> > phrase slips out anyway.  So remember:
> > 
> >  s/we /some of us /g
> > <snip/>
> > > directly. This mailinglist is the wind....you can shout into it all you
> > > want, it might even make you feel better...but you have no idea if
> > > someone is hearing you or not.
> > 
> > Well, neither do you actually.  So You believe what you want to, and I'll
> > believe what I want to..
> I don't need to have an idea, I'm not expecting to be heard. I don't a
> beef with red hat's business policies. I'm not potentially wasting my
> time, complaining about issues I care about in a place that might or
> might not provide me with clarification and a resolution. If I had a
> real issue with Red Hat's business policies, I would talk to a Red Hat
> rep directly...actually I'd probably talk to several Red Hat reps
> directly. Blathering on a public mailing list is not proactive
> action...its apathy. If I have a problem or concern, I make damn sure I
> use my time and the resources available to me effectively to solve that
> problem as quickly as I can. Posting to this mailing list looking for
> business policy clarifications is not a solution to the problem. If you
> really have a concern about Red Hat's business policies you will take
> proactive action and talk to Red hat reps directly. How many people have
> to tell you that before it starts sounding like a good idea? Or maybe I
> should ask now that mharris has graced you with an answer in civil tone
> that you fine more palpable, how many people with redhat email addresses
> need to tell you that before you believe it?  You aren't going to get
> official clarification here...you are going to get personal opinion at
> various levels of informitude.  Yer public grandstanding on the concerns
> you have might win you some praise and some pats on the back from other
> civilians on the list who share yer concerns...but its not going to get
> you anywhere in actually addressing the issues you have with Red Hat's
> policies. Real concerns that you have need to be addressed directly with
> Red Hat sales. Each every Red Hat customer here on this list, who is
> actually concerned about the business policy changes, needs to contact
> Red Hat directly, if they expect to be heard in a way that matters.
> -jef"now my wife is telling to stop posting to the list, maybe its time
> to put the flamethrower down till the next beta"spaleta  
> -- 
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> https://listman.redhat.com/mailman/listinfo/phoebe-list

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