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Re: How to get RH9 tomorrow AM?

On Sun, 2003-03-30 at 16:09, Jurgen Botz wrote:
> Ok, I'm a paying RHN member.  How do I best get RH9 tomorrow?  Do
> I have to go through rhn.redhat.com web interface manually?  Is
> there some better / more automatic way I can get ISOs?

I have written a perl script that uses curl to login to rhn.redhat.com, grab
the right url, and start the download using curl.

Usage:   rhn-isos release-name disc-number arch username password

Example: rhn-isos psyche disc1 i386 bob bicycle

Will download the first i386 binary iso of RedHat 8.0.

It will work with releases 7.0 and higher. Though with 7.0 it is a
little different since the filename is 7.0 and not the release name.
Also 7.0 i386 isos have the word respin in the place of the arch. You
can set a default arch, username, and password at the top of the script.
You can also use it to get source rpm isos by using SRPMS as the arch.

Yes, I know I could have used perl code to replace the grep and cut
commands. I am a novice programmer, this is a hack, and it works. If
anyone wants to submit to me a cleaned up version that works, feel free.

I decided to do this after a friend was complaining about the lack of
priority ftp access and what a waste it was to do it over https. I had
recently made 3-4 scripts very similar in nature to automate the
creation of mail accounts via the web-cyradm interface.

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