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Re: [Pki-devel] [Freeipa-devel] Upgrading a machine to use the proxy.

On 09/16/2011 08:09 AM, Adam Young wrote:
On 09/16/2011 08:58 AM, John Dennis wrote:
Thanks Adam!

FWIW I was kinda hoping for new development we would start using Python and have as a general goal of migrating Perl code to Python as opportunities arose.

Python is the company preferred scripting language. Once upon a time I was a Perl fan boy, I though it was the greatest thing since sliced bread, after all it was light years better than writing shell scripts. Then I got introduced to Python and I never looked back, Python is a much better language, much easier to write clean structured maintainable code in. Just my 2 cents, just a thought.

/me John puts his flame resistant Nomex suit on and prepares to get flamed in the programming language war :-)

OK already has too many languages involved.  I'm no weilling to sff sny motr.

We are working on a plan to simplify a lot of the stuff that wwe currently do in Perl, but it too will unlikely be in Python.  Since this project is priamily Java,  And the pkisilet program is the start point for doing automated cofiguration, it will likely be in pkisilent written in Java.
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