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[Pki-devel] Announcing the release of Dogtag 10.0.4

The Dogtag team is proud to announce the fourth errata build for 
Dogtag 10.0. 

Builds are available for Fedora 18 and Fedora 19 in the updates-testing
repositories.  Please try them out and provide karma to move them to the
F18 and F19 stable repositories.

== Build Versions ==

== Highlights since Dogtag 10.0.3 ==
*  Enhanced pkispawn to provide automatic backup and restore mechanism
for files modified during the upgrade process.

* Improved the summary information at the end of pkispawn to include,
among other things, the location of the agent PKCS #12 file.

* Fixes to pkispawn and the installation servlets to fix cloning.

* Fix to pkispawn to correctly overwrite the pki_issuing_ca when
configuring with an external CA.  This resolves an issue reported by IPA
in BZ #986901.

* Numerous fixes to resolve build issues on F19 and RHEL.  

== Detailed Changes since Dogtag 10.0.3 ==
akoneru (1):
#645    Display the admin p12 file location in the installation summary
alee (6):
#680    Missing apache-commons-cli dependency
#665    cloning is broken for second instance in shared subsystems
BZ #973224 -  resteasy-base must be split into subpackages
--      Add build dependency on systemd to fix build failures on f19.
--      Modify pkispawn to handle case where no subsystem certs are generated
--      Modify java-tools startup scripts to use correct JNI path

awnuk (1):
BZ #961522 - Allow key to be exported.

cfu (1):
BZ #971561 - server-side key generation causes NullPointerException 
        if a parameter is not supplied by the caller (TPS)

edewata (6)
#582    Man page for pki-upgrade
#583    Automatic backup and rollback on upgrade
BZ #986901 - Fix confguration issues with external CA.
BZ #985111 - token authentication problem on rhel
--      Removing JNI_JAR_DIR from /etc/pki/pki.conf.
--      Fixed library paths for RHEL.

mharmsen (2):
BZ #986506 - exclude pki-kra, pki-ocsp and pki-tks from rhel
BZ #975939 - RHCS 8.1: "END CERTIFICATE" tag is not on it's own line

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