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Re: [Pki-devel] [PATCH] 633 Updated man page for configuring secure LDAP connection.

On 7/17/2015 7:37 PM, Christina Fu wrote:
1. It might be helpful to explain briefly what each ldap command is
doing.  For example, for the life of me, I don't know why one needs to
run that ldapsearch command before the certutil command

Fixed. I added a brief description before each step. The ldapsearch is used to verify the LDAPS connection.

2.Nothing to do with man pages, I am just thinking out loud... I'm a bit
concerned that one needs to download and run a script from a user
content offering... Does DS not offer it on a more official channel?

I agree. We should either include the script in the distribution, either in PKI or in DS package.

3. This comment is regarding the layout of information in this whole
section on setting up secure ldap with ca, so it already existed before
you changes, but since it has to do with clarity and accuracy, please
bear with me.
  the "Prior  to installing the subsystem..." paragraph ends with
"...and its self-signed CA certificate exported to a file..."
*but*, the "It should be noted" at end of the section talks about three
scenarios, which the above "must" item now become one (#3) of the three
scenarios instead.
may I suggest that we move the whole "note" part to the very top of this
section, and instead of "It should be noted..." you skip the first 5
words and begin with
  " There are basically three scenarios..." (maybe remove the word
then for scenario one, you give the instruction for it

I added the location to store the CA cert: $HOME/dscacert.pem

and scenario 3 you give it its instruction

It's actually slightly different. All scenarios assume the DS instance already exists. The current example assumes the DS instance doesn't exist yet, so it mentions about creating the DS and admin server instance using setup-ds-admin.pl. I'm not sure how to install an admin server if you already have a DS instance.

Then at the end, mention that since scenario 1 and 3 requires talking
ldaps, you need those two extra pkispawn parameters

I moved it to the bottom.

  I hope it's not too complicated.

It's kind of. We definitely need to do further refinement.

consider it a conditional ACK if all agreed upon and done.

Thanks. Pushed to master.

Endi S. Dewata

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