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Re: [Pki-devel] [PATCH] pki-cfu-0055-Ticket-1295-CA-OCSP-via-GET-does-not-work.patch

On 5/4/2015 6:38 PM, Christina Fu wrote:
here is the patch for the upgrade script for this ticket
Please review.

Note: I was able to get the xml element added to the web.xml and the
server will work with the ocsp GET request, however, there is a cosmetic
issue with missing blank line and a few spaces for the next element
after.  If anyone has ideas on how to fix this, please feel free to make
Here is how it looks like now:


A few minor issues:

1. I was able to fix the missing blank line and spaces with the changes that you mentioned on IRC:

  mapping.tail = '\n\n  '

You might want to test it again (and make sure the web.xml is clean).

2. The indentations of the XML elements in OCSPGETServletMappingData should match those in the web.xml (3 and 6 spaces).

3. Recently we implemented direct deployment for all subsystems (commit 533b33a753801b3cc91529d83ac75f2214f86fcf), so newly deployed subsystems will not have a web.xml in the instance folder (they will be updated automatically during RPM upgrade). However, old subsystems (or custom subsystems) will still have it. So we should perform the upgrade only if the file exists. Without this check, you might see an error in pki-server-upgrade log.

4. Since this is the first upgrade script for 10.2.4, there should be a 10.2.4 folder in base/common/upgrade as well with just a .gitignore file.

These issues should be easy to fix before push. ACK.

Endi S. Dewata

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