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Re: [Pki-devel] Karma Request for Dogtag 10.2.4 in Fedora 22

A few TPS issues (is there a workaround for #2 below?):

1. maybe not enough to respin, but for TPS, a simple format will fail due to an extra space at the end of the following in CS.cfg:

workaround is to remove the space and restart.

2. once formatted a token, getting to the admin interface resulted in the following error on ui:
"Authentication method not allowed"
in debug log, I see
[28/May/2015:13:51:29][http-bio-8443-exec-16]: SessionContextInterceptor: principal: tpsadmin
[28/May/2015:13:51:29][http-bio-8443-exec-16]: AuthMethodInterceptor: TokenResource.findTokens()
[28/May/2015:13:51:29][http-bio-8443-exec-16]: AuthMethodInterceptor: mapping: tokens
[28/May/2015:13:51:29][http-bio-8443-exec-16]: AuthMethodInterceptor: loading /usr/share/pki/tps/conf/auth-method.properties
[28/May/2015:13:51:29][http-bio-8443-exec-16]: AuthMethodInterceptor: checking /var/lib/pki/pki-tomcat/tps/conf/auth-method.properties
[28/May/2015:13:51:29][http-bio-8443-exec-16]: AuthMethodInterceptor: required auth methods: [certUserDBAuthMgr]
[28/May/2015:13:51:29][http-bio-8443-exec-16]: AuthMethodInterceptor: authentication manager: passwdUserDBAuthMgr

I couldn't get past that.  Is there a workaround?

I also tried to set up a TPS on an independent tomcat instance.  Although the installation seems successful, a simple format always ends with the following (with nothing after that):
TPSProcessor.getSharedSecretTransportKey: calculated key name: sharedSecretInd
This issue is part of the ticket I am working on for 10.2.5, so it can wait: https://fedorahosted.org/pki/ticket/867


On 05/26/2015 11:39 PM, Matthew Harmsen wrote:

Please provide Karma for the following Dogtag 10.2.4 packages for Fedora 22:

-- Matt

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