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Re: samba connections

On Sun, 1 Dec 2002, David Mascot wrote:

> You all probably new I would soon be back...anyhow I got Samba running
> and I can see it on my three Windows machines as "localhost".
> When I try to launch "localhost" from the two Win98 machines a password
> box pops up with \\localhost\ipc$\.  When I type the password it says
> not correct.  When I try launching "localhost" from the Win2k Pro
> machine a message says, "\\localhost is not accessable, a duplicate name
> exists on the network".

Make sure each machine has a unique hostname. And make sure that is is NOT 
localhost as localhost is a reserved name. (Call them after your pets, the 
stars, cartoon hero's, ....)

Make sure this is true for the OS (check /etc/sysconfig/network) as well 
as samba (check /etc/samba/smb.conf)

Repeat: Do not use a reserved word like localhost for a hostname EVER.


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