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Re: What to use for dialup now rp3's gone?

On Tue, 2002-12-03 at 18:27, Donald G Wilson Jr wrote:

> 75 yrs old, can't cut and paste, but she can run RH8.
> why do the M$ advertisement type mags still say Linux isn't ready for
> the desktop?

Same here, I just removed my dad's WinXP and replaced it with RH8.
Once I converted all his lotus Wordpro files to .doc 
(handled the formatting better than converting to rtf)

He was perfectly happy, (apart from OpenOffice loadup times), 
but he found it much easier to use and found the fonts 100% clearer for

The only moan was that he couldn't find his fish screensaver that he had
on WinXP (just game him the Atlantis one instead), 
ok he done it himself, yet he could never do it on XP :-) 1 up!

He cannot even set the video recored after 6 years (and thats with
instructions on the back :))

So it seems that RedHat are going in the correct direction for ease of
use (just still keep the extra configuration for the oldtime RedHat

To steal ideas from one person is plagiarism;
to steal from many is research.

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