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Re: Web Mail question : How to change the link to start OpenOfficeinstead of AbiWord

On Tue, 2002-12-03 at 04:56, Stephen Liu wrote:
> While viewing web mails on a website such as lycos.com, yahoo.com, 
> hotmail.com, etc. clicking their attached documents will start 
> 'AbiWord'.  But unfortunately some documents created with MSOffice could 
> not be read exactly in AbiWord in its original form, particularly, a 
> table.  The document must be read in OpenOffice to maintain its original shape.
> Kindly advise how to change the link to start OpenOffice instead of AbiWord

If you are using Mozilla, and have plugger installed, you may look at
/etc/pluggerrc, it's config file.  I only have OpenOffice installed
here, and Mozilla uses it to view MsWord .doc files when opening one
from my webmail account (using SquirrelMail, because Hotmail wouldn't
accept the 2.4MB .doc I had handy).  What I see here is OpenOffice being
the default, or first application tried.

from /etc/pluggerrc:

application/x-msword: doc, dot: Microsoft Word Document
application/msword: doc, dot: Microsoft Word Document
        nokill exits: oowriter "$file"
        repeat swallow(AbiWord) fill: AbiWord -nosplash -geometry
+9000+9000 "$file" >/dev/null 2>/dev/null
        repeat swallow(PCFileViewer) fill: sdtpcv "$file"
        repeat swallow(PCFileViewer) fill: /opt/SUNWdtpcv/bin/sdtpcv

If you can't find a solution with our answers so far, could you provide
us with more info please?  The web browser you are using is important
for us to know.  Also check if you have plugger installed.  If you do,
it handles msword mime-type files (as well as audio/pictures etc).


PS - You could also remove AbiWord, if you have no use for it, and see
if your browser will automatically use OpenOffice instead :)

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