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RE: LVM and initrd

It is in rc.sysinit search for LVM  the appears to be a error in the script it looks for /proc/lvm but proc/lvm doesn't exist untile you run vgchange -a y so I fixed that problem also I removed vgscan since It will over write the exisiting dat is run again which i have heard can case problems.



 LENHOF Jean-Yves <lenh_jea caramail com> wrote:

> ------- Message d'origine -------
> From : Keith Morse
> Date : Fri, 29 Nov 2002 01:12:11 -0800 (PST)
>Finally got a disk array and was playing with LVM. One issue cropped up
>and I haven't found an answer yet on Google and/or the list archives.
>After creating the logical volume and putting an entry into /etc/fstab,
>the system complains on reboot that it can't check the filesystem as
>specified in /etc/fstab. I'm having a dickens of a time trying to figure
>out where LVM gets initialized at in the startup scripts. I'm assuming
>that the LVM modules should be included in the initrd (this is also a scsi
>based system). Running mkinitrd didn't work, as I anticipated it
>wouldn't. I can mount the volume manually after the system is booted and
>running, so ! I know that LVM is working okay.

Perhaps lvcmreate_initrd is what you are looking for....

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