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Re: What to use for dialup now rp3's gone?

On Wed, 4 Dec 2002, Neil Bird wrote:

>  I do, in fact, have modemlights running, but I can't seem to get it to 
>work properly;  if I try it under deliberate error conditions (e.g, 
>modem switched off), it's unrecoverable - it doesn't seem to check 
>status as rp3 did.
>   Thius may be a config. issue on my part - it certainly runs 
>ppp-watch.  I tried it this morning for the first time (completed last 
>Net-oriented post-RH8-upgrade tweak) with the start/stop settings 
>ifup/downing 'ppp3' which is my default ISP.
>   It *did* log in, but never seemed to realise this (ISTR rp3 having 
>the same problem a while back - 'twas when run non-root IIRC - a network 
>script bug, since fixed).  The button remained 'do you wish to connect?' 
>evcen when I wished to /disconnect/.

I saw this behaviour when I did not have the "LOCK" set properly in the
preferences configuration as Pavel suggested in his first email.  Are
you sure that you have the correct "/var/lock/LCK...ttySX" set and that
the "verify owner" is checked?

>   These two faults may be related - I wasn't sure what to put in the 
>third tab.  I have noticed that even doing 'ifup ppp3' (to choose ISP 

?!  The third tab being the "Advanced" one of "modemlights"?  That's the 
lock one.  There shouldn't be anything there except the absolute path to 
the lock file.

>under ppp3), I actually get an I/F named "ppp0", so for that reason I 
>left the I/F entry in modemlights "ppp0".  After seeing it not notice 
>I'd logged in, I changed it to ppp3, but there wqas no change (does it 
>need to be restarted?).

Good luck,
Oisin Feeley

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