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Re: Web Mail question : How to change the link to start OpenOfficeinstead of AbiWord

On Tue, 2002-12-03 at 23:46, Stephen Liu wrote:
> Hi Michael,
> Further to my late email.
> At 10:34 AM 12/3/2002 -0800, you wrote:
> >- snip -
> >What browser are you using? Sounds like you'll need to play with the
> >mime settings in that browser. In Mozilla, look in Edit --> Preferences
> >--> Navigator --> Helper Applications.
> Edited Preference as follows
> Extension       .doc (also tried with a "." (dot-fullstop)
> MIME type       mime
The MIME type should be "application/msword"

> Handled by      /root/openoffice.org1.0/program/swrite
?? Are you using a different version of OpenOffice than came with RH
8.0? If you've got the version that came with RH 8.0, just put "oowrite"
in this field.

> Still failed.  Tried lycos.com site.  Clicking the attached file started an 
> unknown program which was not OpenOfficeWriter.  The file was a table 
> created on MSOfficeXP but could not be displayed, only showing a group of 
> words.
I believe in another message in this thread you mentioned using
Konqueror. If this is the case, in Konqueror, go to Settings->Configure
Konqueror->File Associations. Under Known Types, expand application and
select msword. If there is an entry for OpenOffice.org Writer in the
preferred application list, make sure it's at the top. If there isn't,
click on "Add" and navigate the menu structure to select OO.o Writer.

> Stephen Liu
Michael Knepher <limbo bluethingy com>

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