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Re: Does a File Drawer for KDE exist ?

On Wed, 2002-12-04 at 14:36, Mel Seder wrote:
> I'm using the KDE environment now.  I was using GNOME but after todays
> up2date I noticed that KDE was snappier than GNOME so I went back to my
> old friend,  KDE.
> I liked using the file drawer for apps that I use and didn't want to
> clutter my panel.  I clicked on the drawer and apps like an editor, 
> services,  dictionary and a couple others we readily accessible.
> I'd like a handy spot to put those apps in KDE.

I think what are looking for is called a "Quick Browser".

Right click on an empty spot on the toolbar (kicker) and select Add /
Special Button / Quick Browser.  It points to a directory (I set up one
in my home directory) that has application links.  You can create
application links from Konqueror (right click, Create New / Link to

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