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Re: Web Mail question : How to change the link to start OpenOffice instead of AbiWord

Hi Michael,

Thanks for your continue support.

I did try hard to find a solution. Why on MS IE clicking on a " .doc" file attached to a webmail can start MSWord to read it but not on Linux. I tried, Konqueror, Mozilla and Netscape without a solution. Clicking on a attached ".doc" file to a webmail can't start OpenOffice to read it.

On Netscape I succeeded adgusting the setttings to start OpenOffice on clicking the ".doc" file but only an empty page displayed. It looks to me a little bid funny.

At 11:46 AM 12/4/2002 -0800, Michael Knepher wrote:
- snip-
I believe in another message in this thread you mentioned using
Konqueror. If this is the case, in Konqueror, go to Settings->Configure
Konqueror->File Associations. Under Known Types, expand application and
select msword. If there is an entry for OpenOffice.org Writer in the
preferred application list, make sure it's at the top. If there isn't,
click on "Add" and navigate the menu structure to select OO.o Writer.

YES "OpenOffice.org Writer" was already there alone after deleting "AbiWord"

On lycos.com, clicking the attached MS ".doc" file popup following warning:

"The process for http:/be107-mail mail.lycos.com protocol died unexpectedly"

I don't know how to make it.

Stephen Liu

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