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On Wed, 4 Dec 2002, ajTreece wrote:

> I also utilize Cisco's VPN 3000 software to establish a tunnel into my 
> companies WAN. When this connection is established the VPN software (I'm 
> assuming) re-writes the /etc/resolv.conf file to valid DNS entries for 
> the internal WAN. Still all is fine.
> The problem is that when DHCP decides to renew the lease it also over 
> writes the /etc/resolv.conf file with the original settings. The VPN 
> connection is still active, but DNS is hosed. I've been told that an 
> easy fix for this is to not use DHCP and just use static IP's. I don't 
> really want to do that because I travel to different company offices and 
>   just plugging in the box and booting up with DHCP is sooooo nice.

In my case, I added the required DNS stuff to the dhcpd conf on the
router.  Thus, it is always in the resolv.conf.  However, that works only
if the stuff of your company is always the same, of course.



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