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Networked laser printers that don't apparently support LPR

Still looking for someone that can give me a clue on this...sorry about
the second post.

I'm having trouble connecting to either printer in the office...The
first is an HP LaserJet IIISi (very old network card) and a Toshiba

Both have TCP/IP support and have ip addresses on the subnet but it
seems that I can't use LPR to print to either.
Neither support Windows/SMB printing

I have also tried to connect using LPR to AppleShare 6.3 print server
but the HP just gets the page, flashes a bit and then resets back to
ready mode. Apparently AppleShare 6.3 doesn't make the printers
available as an Windows printer and the NIC on the IIISi apparently
doesn't support HPJetAdmin type connections either - because of it's
ancient roots.

If you have networked laserprinters that don't apparently support LPR,
is there a way to print to them through the network?


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