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Re: Calling all KDE fans!!

On Wed, 2002-12-04 at 17:49, Mike A. Harris wrote:

> 2) xterm is 'provided' as-is, however it is not 'supported'.  Our 
> supported terminal emulators are gnome-term and konsole.  Rather 
> than removing *all* unsupported apps, we have tried to find a 
> balance between removing some duplication, and still providing 
> some alternatives albeit unsupported, just for convenience.  
> We've removed things like xterm3d, rxvt, colorxterm, nxterm, etc. 
> for example.  xterm itself being a long standing traditional 
> legacy app provided by the X window system itself, I've decided 
> to keep as I know many people do in fact use it and would much 
> rather it be provided unsupported, than removed entirely.

	Thank you for that.  I only use xterm's on my linux systems.  It makes
it much easier when I'm working on them and on the Solaris systems. 
FWLIW, I really don't like gnome-term or konsole (or multi-gnome term
and all the others like them).  They have all these great features and
menus and stuff but, well, it's all to much.  It's like working with MS
Windows in that you spend more time getting the term set the way you
need it than you do actually using it.  Well, at least it is for me. 
Guess I'm just to much of an old phart.
> We need to provide a useable desktop that has less clutter than 
> prior releases, and part of that is removing some of the 
> applications that have similar functionality from the menus. 
> Users are always free to add new entries to the menus if they 
> prefer, and are encouraged to do so.

	And you (Red Hat) have done an incredible job with Bluecurve.  I'm
still amazed at how clean and smooth it looks/feels.  I don't use it
myself (see previous old phart comment) but it's made a great difference
for other people I've set it up for.  All of a sudden, Linux isn't so
intimidating for them.  I think RH 8 is going to go down in history as
another turning point for the World Domination<tm> plan.

"Khaaaaamaaayyyy, Haaaaamaaaayyyy, HAAAAAAAAA!!!!!"
                -- Goku, 'Dragon Ball'

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