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Re: postscript and pdf merging

I mentioned that pdftex has a package, pdfpages, on CTAN that does the job. This package is compatible with the pdflatex package that is installed with RH8. I installed to try package and can report that it can do what you want and more with PDF files. Re ps you can use ps2pdf filter before using pdfpages.

Aaron Konstam wrote:

On Tue, Dec 03, 2002 at 01:47:30AM -0500, Joshua Melbourne White wrote:

Does RH8 come with software tools to merge pdf or ps files. I see that
I can convert between the two, but just wondering if I can create a new
pdf that is created from multiple pdfs. By that I mean, each pdf file
is a different page. I guess it would also be helpful if there is a way
to merge pdf pages into one page, also. Like a preview page or have 4
pages viewed as one page. I hope any of this makes sense. Thanks.
Joshua Melbourne White <jmwhite3 ncsu edu>

Adobe makes such a product but they make you pay for it.
But you cold look at all the conversion programs that are in the gs
rpm package and it might be possible somehow.

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