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Re: adaptec AIC7xxx revisted

On Thu, 2002-12-05 at 19:30, Kelly FitzGerald wrote:
> Hello All,
>          I just got the fancy pants version of Redhat 8.0.  It appears to go
> into a never ending plummeting halt when it comes time to install the
> Adaptec aic7xxx driver.  What can I do?  I'm using a SS50 Space Walker
> Shuttle with an adaptec 29160.  In doing a cursory google search it appears
> that this is a frequent problem with Redhat, but was supposed to be solved
> at 7.3 ..   Has anybody run into it?  Does anyone know how to fix it?  Can
> anyone cure my splitting headache?

there is no such thing as "THE aic7xxx issue". aic7xxx is one of the
first PCI cards that wants an interrupt so if it breaks it usually is a
sign of broken interrupt routing more than anything else.

There are at least 2 issues:
1) motherboards with a 440GX chipset generally come with a broken bios,
these don't work well and are not supported in any version of Red Hat
Linux that come with a 2.4 kernel, although it may sometimes work with
some hacks.

2) a few models of the adaptec hardware appear to have a problem with a
specific driver version as delivered by Adaptec. In such cases, an older
version of the driver (aic7xxx_old) might work; adaptec is actively
fixing the driver and it'll be fixed in a newer driver later on.

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