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really exasperating cd burner issues

I have posted this before, and I have struggled with it and still cannot
figure out a solution.  I have also posted to hardware newgroups and
forums to no avail.  Basically if I burn an audio cd or rip from an
audio cd my computer becomes unresponsive until that task is finished.
Other tasks such as burning a data cd from an iso file or reading from a
cd cause no problem.  If I am playing an ogg file at the time it grinds
to a halt and stutters out a note or two every 10-15 seconds.  

The dma is turned on for both the burner and the harddrive.  I have seen
posts on usenet with people with the same mobo with similar problems and
no resolution.  RedHat 7.3 worked fine and Windows 2000/XP work fine on
the same hardware.  Is there a way to fix whats broken or do I need to
buy a new motherboard?

HW List:
KT7A-RAID v1.1
BIOS a9 with hpt 2.34 bios
Athlon 800
768 MB RAM
Seagate 80gb hd
WD 18gb hd
Maxtor 40gb hd
Plextor 40x burner
Diamond mx400 sound card
netgear fa310tx nic
linksys lne100tx nic
Ati radeon 32mb ddr


Matt Whiteley <matt-whiteley attbi com>

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