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Re: Undelete for Linux

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On Fri, 6 Dec 2002 08:39:07 -0800, Jesse Keating wrote:

> > While it was doing a good job with ext2, it didn't find any deleted
> > files with ext3 the first time I wanted to use it and the second
> > time it caused a segfault. That is long ago (probably at the time of
> > Enigma; I don't remember when I converted to ext3, probably when
> > errata packages made it possible). There's an updated package which
> > fixes a segfault, but no mention of any changes with regard to ext3.
> >
> > Hence I assume that Aaron wanted to point out that he has yet to
> > find an undeletion utility which explicitly advertizes support for
> > ext3.
> *cough* remount the file system as ext2, problem solved.  once
> recovered, tune2fs it back to ext3.
*cough^2* Both "mc" and "recover" prefer unmounted partitions. Just
in case you meant to tune2fs -O ^has_journal the partition prior to
trying to undelete, I tested that a minute ago. Again, "mc" fails to
find anything. On Valhalla, though. Maybe that makes a difference.

Raises the question whether ext3 undeletion works for you actually?

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