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Re: iptables interface eth0:1 does not work

I dont think I have ever had good luck filtering on sub-intefaces ... it really attaches to the hardware level (eth0) device... I suggest using -i eth0 and then matching IP/Subnet info??


--On Friday, December 06, 2002 10:16:19 AM -0500 Hidemasa Yamakawa <yamakawa TCSAmerica com> wrote:

Hi, all,

I assigned 2 ip address to one ethernet card.
One is eth0 and another is eth0:1.
INPUT and FORWARD policy is DROP
When I input
iptables -A  INPUT -i eth0:1 -j ACCEPT
I got warning
Warning: wierd character in interface `eth0:1' (No aliases, :, ! or *).
and no packet come through this interface.
Kindly advice please.


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