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Re: RHN Scheduled Action -- Missing Step?

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On 07 Dec 2002 16:27:54 -0500, David Colburn wrote:

> You mean the question mark on the circle down on the right at the
> bottom of the screen? 

No. That is just the Red Hat Network Alert Notification Tool.

> It routinely gives an error then changes to a
> check mark on a circle and then appears to work.  It is missing at the
> moment, for some unknown reason.
> I just activated Red Hat Update Agent and it is trying to complete the
> download of updates that keep failing (been trying for two days) --

Uhm, what do you mean with "keep failing"? Does the Red Hat Update
Agent fail to download the packages completely? If so, that is
a different problem than you have described previously.

> this is probably as much due to a terrible 56k dialup here in the
> woods.

With a slow dialup link, selecting packages at RHN and scheduling
update jobs from RHN doesn't make much sense IMO. At least not
unless it is an always-on link. Instead, I suggest you run "up2date"
(the Red Hat Update Agent) manually when your online.

> How might I toggle rhnsd on, please?

rhnsd is a daemon (see "man rhnsd", where it is explained) which is
togglable via "redhat-config-services" or on the command-line (
"chkconfig rhnsd on", "chkconfig rhnsd off", "chkconfig --list
rhnsd"). It is the client that polls RHN for queue actions.  You
need to understand the different things you can do with RHN.

There are good docs on RHN here: https://rhn.redhat.com/help/

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