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Re: Why you should not buy Promise products if you use Linux

"Mike A. Harris" wrote:

> This is a very wide common misconception that people have.  There
> are essentially 2 types of RAID cards available.

Mike, thanks a lot for pointing that out!

> >Out of curiosity, has anyone here used the Adaptec 2400A? Is this
> >also a "software" RAID card?
> I'm not familiar with that one.  I know some of the kernel guys
> talk about 3ware hardware quite a bit, but I don't know specific
> model names that are considered good.

If you are more interesting in IDE RAID arrays, you might want to join
the linux-ide-arrays mailing list at
http://lists.math.uh.edu/cgi-bin/mj_wwwusr . The list archive is only
available if you sign in into the page and go to the page of the list
you want to see.

Best regards,
Martin Stricker
Homepage: http://www.martin-stricker.de/
Linux Migration Project: http://www.linux-migration.org/
Red Hat Linux 7.3 for low memory: http://www.rule-project.org/
Registered Linux user #210635: http://counter.li.org/

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