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Re: wireless card frequently hanging up

On Mon, 2002-12-09 at 11:51, Robert P. J. Day wrote:
>   several weeks ago, i put my RH 8.0 laptop on a small
> wireless net here in the house -- linksys pcmcia card
> and linksys 4-port WAP router.
>   most of the time, everything is fine, but recently, 
> and increasingly frequently, the data transfer just hangs,
> typically at the same time as an arbitrary web page download.

What kind of data transfer?  NFS, samba, ftp, scp...?

I have experienced problems moving large data files over a wireless
connection with every connection type, but NFS seems to be the worst. 
There is some kind of deep problem there that rears its ugly head from
time to time.  I can move gigs of data over NFS and a wired ethernet
connection to the same server with no problem.

In most cases, my NFS transfers over wireless do eventually complete,
but they are erratic.  Remember, wireless is vulnerable to interference
from microwave ovens, cordless phones and any other radiation in the 2.4
Ghz range

The NFS How-to has some good performance tips, but I have not found an
answer to _consistent_ performance over a wireless network.

Best Regards,
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