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Re: A terrible disturbance in The Force (OT)

On Mon, 2002-12-09 at 12:22, Aaron wrote:
> Apologies for OT post...
> Does anyone here know what's up with cygwin?  I ask because I've seen
> cygwinners on this list, and some may know.
> Since yesterday (Sunday), none of the cygwin links work.  You can search
> for cygwin on redhat, but none of the results work.
> Also, update.exe can't find mirrors list.
> Again, sorry for the OT, I will now go off and berate myself to save
> everyone else the trouble.
> -- 
> Aaron
> aaron justaaron com
> www.justaaron.com - general silliness
> www.yangarts.com  - serious business

North Carolina has had major power outage issues due to the snowstorm
late last week. Possibly sources.redhat.com is simply down due to RH
picking & choosing which servers they  *must* supply juice to & that one
is a lower priority.

I don't know this for a fact, just taking a guess

Tony Placilla   anthony_placilla suth com

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