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re: "How To Ask Questions The Smart Way" response, was: UOD & ENCMigration

On Mon, 2002-12-09 at 00:57, Kevin McConnell wrote:
> --- Iain Buchanan <iain pcorp com au> wrote:
> > especially the last sentance (IMHO!) but try
> > explaining that to someone
> > who doesn't understand why you spend so much time on
> > a computer...
> When people ask me, "Do you live on that # !$ing
> computer." I simply turn to them and say, "Yes, I do
> live on this computer. Without it, there would be no
> meaning to my life. Everything would seem drab and
> simple. It's the complexity that keeps me ticking."

Last week the South had an honest to goodness(?) ICE-STORM. You may have
hear about it. I personally had no heat, electricity, or 'net from
Wednesday night until Friday night. My cube-mate still has no utilities
except telephone. We were somewhat fortunate working at Red Hat, as the
company recently finished installing a massive diesel backup generator
big enough to power the whole building (including 3 elevators!) and the
gymnasium has 3 mens and 3 womens showers to keep us from getting too
'ripe'. Where am I going with this you ask? Well I wish I had a camera,
maybe I'll borrow one. I wrote on the white board outside the cube I
threw my air-mattress into:

    |  |    American Red Cross
 +--+  +--+ 
 |        | Emergency Shelter for the
 +--+  +--+
    |  |    Bandwidth-less.

 (Oh, and no heat or electric shelter, too!)

Looking back on it, it's kind of funny. But don't tell my cube-mate,
she's obviously not in a laughing mood about it yet.  

Chris Kloiber

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