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Re: Calling all KDE fans!!

I used KDE 1 because it was better than GNOME and others, I think. 
Now - I use GNOME becase KDE 3 is very slow.

I think, the Linux GUI (Window Manager) is getting too big and too 
slow. KDE and GNOME (and Sawfish) is therfore very similar to Windoze.

Specialy Nautilus, Konqeror, Mozilla are not efficient with CPU and 

I am thinking about another Window Manager, lighter - like Window 
Maker or IceWM. Problem is my country, I need localization and 
special keyboard support. KDE and GNOME are very good localized.

I would like linux no so similar to Windoze and very better than 
Windoze. I think it is not necessary to have new computer every two 
years but beter OS - stable, speedy and reliable linux.


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