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Re: upgrading a PowerEdge 2400 to RH 8.0


Be very interested in how it goes.  I'm curious as to the upgrade path
in Linux (Redhat, SuSe or whatever).  Coming from a Windows background,
where it was kind of as soon as the next version of Windows came out,
wait six months or so and then upgrade.  It was a sort of done deal,
that in time you'd upgrade, sooner or later.  With Linux I was getting
the impression, but this may be wrong, that if a Server is running fine,
then there is not so much point in upgrading from one version to
another, just need to make sure all the relevant updates are installed?
Or does it also reach a point when updates for an older version of, for
example, Redhat will stop being released?  Would it be similar to
Windows now that NT 4.0 is being dropped, there is an expectation to
replace the OS, so far as MS are concerned with 2000 or .NET?
I ask this question, as I thought that (along with other benefits)
making a switch from Windows to Linux the upgrade path became less
important?  Or is this a wrong concept?

Any thoughts appreciated.



On Tue, 2002-12-10 at 21:36, Eric Wood wrote:
> I have a PowerEdge 2400 - PERC2/Si - single RAID channel, Ultra2 SCSI.,
> Raid-5 configuration
> Currently running: RH 7.0, kernel-2.2.16-22, afaapps-2.1-0
> Anyone have problems upgrading to RH 8.0 on such a server?  Hopefully things
> will go smooth this weekend.
> -eric wood

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