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Re: upgrading a PowerEdge 2400 to RH 8.0

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From: "Neil Loffhagen" <neil c-w-services co uk>
> With Linux I was getting
> the impression, but this may be wrong, that if a Server is running fine,
> then there is not so much point in upgrading from one version to
> another, just need to make sure all the relevant updates are installed?

Well, I'll be gaining ext3 journalling, better printer subsystem support,
etc.  So, upgrading a server is sometimes warranted.

> Or does it also reach a point when updates for an older version of, for
> example, Redhat will stop being released?

RH only issues security updates to 7.x.  Don't know when they'll stop. I
support when 9.x come out. Dunno

> Would it be similar to
> Windows now that NT 4.0 is being dropped, there is an expectation to
> replace the OS, so far as MS are concerned with 2000 or .NET?

I suppose.  RH can't support every version they ever released - who can?

> I ask this question, as I thought that (along with other benefits)
> making a switch from Windows to Linux the upgrade path became less
> important?  Or is this a wrong concept?

The mere fact that you're considering switching from Windows to Linux is an
upgrade.  People say that Linux is not vapor-ware. For me it is, that's why
it's so exciting and evolving at a pace that is making Microsoft's head
spin.  I can't wait till a new RH comes out so I can go out and upgrade my
customers and make some money.

-eric wood

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