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again I ask: WHY does printing in RH Psyche have to be such a PITA??

I've finally found that my printer will not print in colour, because the colour mechanism is defective. At least, it can or should print in monochrome. LEXMARK Z53, (parallel-port, usb)
connected ONLY via the usb hub.

Unfortunately, there is no GUI app in linux as in Windows, 
whereby one can verify ink levels in the cartridges. 

Hence, I installed Windows, and further to that, got a Windows-using friend to try the printer on *his* system. It only will print in monochrome Black. (That'll teach me to buy a
display item from Radio Shack!!! <*grrrr*> ....).

so, I'm resigned to printing in B & W ... until such time that I can either repair the printer, or purchase another one.

Today, for no reason, I cannot print (except to do test prints
using either the CUPS admin utility, or the redhat printer 
configuration utility (printconf-gui). This latter insistently
defaults to /dev/lp0, instead of /dev/usb/lp0. 

... I've now spent almost a hour trying to print a letter from
Open Office or the same from Abiword. The jobs don't even 
*show* in the Cups config jobs list...

I DON'T want to have to install Windows on my machine again.
I've even added my user (myself) to the lp group, but nothing

some assistance, please?


Elton Woo

"We ALL should make life EASIER for each other."
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