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RE: Automatically setting the MTU to non-default...

Hacks are only ugly if they don't work, or break somthing.  My
recommendation is spend some quality time with those buggered VPN
connections and make them work properly.  True story.  I had a person in a
remote office tell me I had to reset my email server clock because his
windows machine did not do daylight savings time for his time zone.  Israel
votes on it or something.  So since his stuff did not work he wanted me to
break mine.  This would have caused problems all over.  The solution was to
use a different country in the same time zone as Israel so the DST box was
available.  Sounds to me like you have the same kind of problem.  If you
spend the time now to fix the issue it will most likely save you time and
problems in the future when the entreched system will be imposible to

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From: Gregory Gulik [mailto:greg gulik org]
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Subject: Automatically setting the MTU to non-default...

Due to a goofy configuration with a VPN running between two PPPoE 
connected networks I need to have an MTU set that's lower than the 
default 1500.

Currently I added some code to /etc/rc.local to set it if it's one of 
those networks but I'm wondering if there is a cleaner "more correct" 
way of setting this up???

The GUI doesn't have a way of doing that and I can't find a way in the 
standard startup scripts?

Is there a better way or should I just stick to my ugly hack?

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greg @ gulik.org                           http://www.drivingevents.com/

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