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Re: wireless card frequently hanging up

When mine hangs, I usually do

ifdown eth0

ifup eth0

and that seems to fix it :-/


--On Wednesday, December 11, 2002 12:17:03 AM -0800 Keith Morse <kgmorse mpcu com> wrote:

On Mon, 9 Dec 2002, Robert P. J. Day wrote:

several weeks ago, i put my RH 8.0 laptop on a small wireless net here in the house -- linksys pcmcia card and linksys 4-port WAP router.

  most of the time, everything is fine, but recently,
and increasingly frequently, the data transfer just hangs,
typically at the same time as an arbitrary web page download.

  "ifconfig" shows nothing amiss, but "fetchmail" times out
claiming it can't do a DNS lookup.  effectively, all networking
grinds to a halt on that interface, and the only fix is to
"service network restart".

I wonder if also a "service pcmcia restart" would bring it back on line.
Oddly I don't do wireless for a "client" pc but rather as a
firewall/gateway, three of them currently.  The only time I get the
pcmcia  card to stop working is when I use tcpdump on it when I'm
troubleshooting  netfilter rule sets or vpn setup's.  Rather annoying as
the system is  usually remotely located.

I also agree with the one poster recommending that the firmware is at
it's  latest rev.

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