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File permissions messing up?


Something is going wrong with the file permissions on our RH8 box
running Samba.  We have set up a share that is being accessed by windows
98 clients.  When a client opens a file and changes it, it then becomes
the owner and the file is then read only for everyone one else and these
are files that need to be shared.  I used the "chmon g+s directory"
which I think is supposed to make it so that all files created in the
directory maintain the same group membership.  Which seems to be
happening, as when I do an ls -ls it shows the right group membership,
but still the file is becoming read only for everyone else.  Is there
some way of setting the directory to have the same write permissions for
new files created as well as old ones modified?  Or am I getting things

Have read the RH Reference Guide and thought I understood it, but must
be missing something.

Any pointers much appreciated.



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