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Re: wireless card frequently hanging up

Robert P. J. Day wrote:

so is there a fix? perhaps switch to the wlan-ng stuff from

I've been seeing the same problems as you (I have a Linksys WPC11 v3), mostly when I'm doing remote X. After some intense Googling, I found out that the maintainer of the orinoco-cs driver has been getting lots of reports along these lines (specifically when doing large, high-bandwidth transfers), and best he can figure is that the driver is doing something to make the firmware very unhappy. The post and thread of interest is at https://lists.sourceforge.net/lists/listinfo/orinoco-users.

I also have the latest firmware according to the Linksys site, so I can't solve it through a firmware upgrade.

So I went and tried the wlan-ng stuff, and I haven't seen this problem since. Unfortunately, I can't figure out how to use it to make a logical device (e.g. wlan0-home for my home setup w/ static IP, wlan0-away for away setup w/DHCP, etc), as it seems any wireless-specific configuration change (encryption keys, preferred networks, etc.) requires restarting the pcmcia services. And, of course, I can't use the spiffy Red Hat admin tools for configuration, which is a shame. But the card doesn't crash anymore, that's what's most important.

Good luck,

From the notebook of Rich Renomeron
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