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Galeon goes nuts! - opens 158+ instances

  I recently upgraded Mozilla and Galeon fron the base RH8.0 install:

[root Athlon root]# rpm -q kdebase

[root Athlon root]# rpm -q mozilla

[root Athlon root]# rpm -q galeon

[root Athlon root]# uname -r

I created shortcuts on user 'mick's desktop for Kppp Galeon and

I could not get Galeon to work, 
Single click did nothing, double click shows a foot and then it goes
I re-downloaded galeon*.i386.rpm 'rpm -Uvh galeon*.i386.rpm', and it
finally came up.
After setting the shortcuts etc it started up.
The problem is it started 158+ instances of galeon!
I had to ctl-alt-bs to kill X.
I 'userdel mick'. 'rm -rf /home/mick', 'useradd mick'
With the same result.
This also happens with new user 'guest' and as 'root'

There must be a command queue for galeon hidden away somewher, how do I
delete it?

A reload of RH 8.0 would be fine as this system is empty.
Any ideas?

Also sometimes the display loses the added shotcuts and/or fails to
paint the complete desktop. 

Mick M.

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