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Re: Macromedia Flash plugin 6 released for x86 Linux

David Durst wrote:
Hmmmmm, this is interesting.
I didn't hear that they had started work on the x86 plugin till last week.
Is the source available?????

No, Macromedia is still a proprietary company with plenty of intellectual property to protect. There are likely several patents including Sorenson video codec within the source code, making it impossible to open source.

Unfortunately that also means an Open Source implementation cannot be fully made even from scratch because it would be against the law. (It would be scary to have Macromedia, Sorenson and Apple go after you for an open source Sorenson implementation.)

If you are a developer wishing to port Flash player to another platform (like Linux PowerPC) it may be possible to license the Flash SDK under NDA for this purpose. I'm trying to ask for this myself...

Do they have a posting the site about the release?

Strangely no. I'm not sure why. I think they're keeping costs low by using me for marketing. =|

Anyway, I'm happy Flash is finally stable in Linux.

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