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RE: DNS problem

.arpa is called reverse lookup for a reason.  So what you have is correct.
The ip address is transposed, reversed, for all reverse entries.  Check out
the DNS howto to learn a bit more.  I recommend you not play with DNS until
you are more conversant with exactly how it works.

-----Original Message-----
From: Pablo Allietti [mailto:pabloa inia org uy]
Sent: Fri, December 13, 2002 8:08 AM
To: psyche-list redhat com
Subject: DNS problem

Hi me and my PROBLEMS again!

In the last week my isp gave me a /28 for my internet conecction, and he
gave the inverse resolution for this /28 to my server.

BUT i have a problem with this. when make a nslookup the
server says      name = terrain.net.uy.

There is my server in the .66, but dont display the rigth form
Name:   terrain.net.uy

How is the problem, is my ISP or me????? down post the /etc/named.conf and
the file.zone

zone "226.40.200.in-addr.arpa" IN {
        type master;
        file "inverso.zone";
        allow-update { none; };


$TTL 34850
@       IN      SOA     terrain.net.uy. pablo.terrain.net.uy (
                        86400 )
64-           IN      NS      terrain.net.uy.
@       IN      NS      terrain.net.uy.
@       IN      NS
66      IN      PTR      terrain.net.uy.

PS: If any know who is the problem please help ME!!!!

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