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RE: Why Telnet? (Was RE: Connection refused - why?)

appearantly you have not read the article that says most security issues/hacks come from the INSIDE :) If I can find the URL again I will forward it out.

SSH should be installed by default, if it is not, then you are using an old and decrepid OS (or miroshaft.. and it that case use the FREE ssh client PuTTY).. Solaris 8 can have ssh with very few steps, solaris 9 and 10 come with ssh by default (not that Sun machines are secure out of the box or anything but thats a whole other argument)


--On Friday, December 13, 2002 12:16:23 PM -0500 James Francis <jfrancis techrx com> wrote:

A secure and segregated network using multiple firewalls, NAT, IDS,
multiple VLANS, and only opening-up the ports we need is the primary
means to protect the network.  If someone hacks through all that, then it
is already too late and the choice of telnet/ssh on the local backend net
is already a moot point, IMHO

-- Tommy McNeely -- Tommy McNeely Sun COM Sun Microsystems - IT Ops - Broomfield Campus Support Phone: x50888 / 303-464-4888 -- Fax: 720-566-3168

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