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RE: "Modem display" for my internet connection

As /sbin has some handy progies in it you may want to add it to your PATH.
The way I do this is to add 2 script files to /etc/profile.d/ if the only
shell you will use is bash you only need to add one.  The file should be
something like <machine_name>.sh and will contain anything you like.  I also
make one for company wide ennvironment variables.  For just a path add this
to the file.

export PATH

You can add other nice things here also.  Like the CVSROOT, umask,
alternative programs for whatever you like, for NIS systems you may want to
redirect passwd requests to yppasswd.  

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From: Charlie Hall [mailto:chazhallx mindspring com]
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Subject: RE: "Modem display" for my internet connection


I had my display almost working after receiving instructions from Pavel
Rozenboim.  However, I could not logon or logoff via the Modem Lights
display.  After reviewing the Bugzilla report that you referenced, it
dawned on me to change "ifup ppp0" to "/sbin/ifup ppp0" (I had omitted
the "ppp0" part of the command).  After adding ppp0 to both lines, I
seem to have complete and proper operation of Modem Lights.

Thanks very much for your time.


  > Date: Wed, 20 Nov 2002 08:51:46 -0600
  > From: Tom Georgoulias <tom georgoulias motorola com>
  > Organization: Motorola Semiconductor Products Sector
  > To: psyche-list redhat com
  > Subject: Re: "Modem display" for my internet connection
  > Reply-To: psyche-list redhat com
  > Charlie Hall wrote:
  >> What I'd like is one of those
  >> little displays (that could fit on my panel) that winks and blinks as
  >> data are being transferred.
  >> I'd appreciate someone instructing me as to how to add such a gadget
  >>  --
  >> I'm not that experienced in Linux yet, so please be verbose.
  > I don't have enough time to walk you through this step by step, but it
  > isn't very hard to do and these instructions should suffice in at
  >least getting you started.
  > 1.  Add an Applet to your panel.  The procedure is covered here:
  > The applet you are looking for is called "Modem lights".  It'd be as
  >easy as that if the applet shipped in RH8.0 didn't have a few bugs. :(
  > To workaround those bugs, read on:
  > 2.  Find out what your modem device is in the Network Device Control
  > window you are already using.  Right click on the modem lights applet,
  >select properties, and replace /dev/modem with the device name you just
  >looked up.
  > 3.  (This step may/may not have to be done).  Change the commands
  >inteh modem lights properties panels from "ifup" and "ifdown" to
  >"/sbin/ifup" and "/sbin/ifdown."
  > This bug report covers most of this stuff:
  > http://bugzilla.redhat.com/bugzilla/show_bug.cgi?id=69971
  > The final entry from martin math ucf edu says his graphs/lights don't
  > work, but mine are fine with the changes from above.
  > Hope this helps.
  > Tom

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