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Re: GNOME panel, alt-tab and change window manager

On Fri, Dec 13, 2002 at 11:29:28AM -0500, Brian K. Jones wrote: 
> 1) on the gnome panel, I thought a 'window list' would show all the
> windows you have open.  It used to be there by default.  Maybe it still
> is, but when I minimize windows, I have no way of unminimizing them,
> because there's nothing on the panel to click on to do so, which leads
> to my second question:

If you have a Window List applet (there is one by default), it should
certainly list your windows including minimized. Works for 99.9% of
people, I'm fairly sure, or we would have heard about it.

It only works if the window manager supports it, though. But the
default (metacity) should support it.

> 2) Alt-tab on the desktop does nothing.  At home I thought this worked
> by default, so I must've missed something.

Should work by default with metacity. Again, there are no other
reports that it doesn't.

>  The keyboard shortcut application from the control panel appears to
> be almost useless.  The docs appear to have lots of default
> shortcuts in the screenshot, but mine has nothing. 

The shortcuts would not be listed if you were running a non-metacity
WM. Otherwise there should be lots.


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