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Re: Macromedia Flash plugin 6 released for x86 Linux

On Sun, 2002-12-15 at 04:25, David Durst wrote:
> > I guess flash can be useful for making kids web games, but I'd rather
> > see java games.  Anyway, flash is one of the things that annoys me most
> > about the web.
> So sorry to hear that you hate flash so much, but just to give you a heads
> up on the great BLINKING NEON sign we call the internet.
> Flash is going to be the standard for creating web sites, streaming music
> and chat rooms.
> My basis for this is that Flash has the web development community behind
> it and it will soon integrate very nicely with Java server side not just
> Cold Fusion.

It's good to know who speaks for the web development community.  Now I
know who to ask when I am trying to decide which new web technologies
will become standards.

I can't wait for an Internet full of Flash and BLINK tags, playing muzak
midi files with the BGSOUND tag.  I'm just glad I don't connect with a
modem any more, like most people, because 800k of crap per page might
slow things down a little.

Best Regards,
We drive on this highway of fire
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