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Re: kernel panic!

Rigoberto Spake:

> Hello Andrew.. thanks for your response... I did not
> express what I wanted to know.. the problem is that
> I'm getting a kernel panic... unfortunately I'm using
> X, so I can not see anything except for the blinking
> lights... I was wondering if I could get any
> information from the lights, because I haven't been
> fortunate to identify the source of the kernel panic.
> Could this happen when a power supply is not
> "supplying enough power." I just installed a new video
> card (GEFORCE 4) and added a hdd... could this be the
> problem.. thanks
> Rigo

Okay, sorry ;D

Well, what I would do is boot off of disc one from the RedHat Install
CDs and do the rescue mode.  When It boots up, before it drops you into
the CLI, it will tell you where exactly it is mounting your hard disc
(it will scan the drives for linux partitions and mount them for you).

Go into there and dive into the var/logs directory.  Check to see what
dmesg, boot.log, and XFree86.0.log all say.  If  RedHat is making it to
X, perhapas the answer lies there, but check to see that all of your
hardware is working okay in the dmesg and boot.log files.


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