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Re: Errata Support Period

On Tue, 17 Dec 2002, Martin Stricker wrote:

> "M. Yu" wrote:
> > Just went to www.redhat.com/errata/ to check for updates for my RH8
> > box and saw this announcement that RH would be providing "errata
> > maintenance for at least 12 months from the date of initial release".
> >  It also puts up the End of Life dates for errata maintenance for
> > several products.  What exactly does this mean?
> It means that after that date no more security fixes will be publishes
> by Red Hat - it literally is unsupported. I don't think you can buy
> support for these versions.
> > Believe it or not I still run RH6.2 in some of our production boxes
> > and will probably continue to do so after the March 31, 2003 EoL
> > date.  What can I look forward to beyond 03/31/03?
> Upgrade to 7.3. Or be very careful and compile from source. But that
> will eventually become more and more complicated, because your system
> has too much old stuff and thus doesn't meet requirements of the new
> versions.

Speaking from personal experience I have found it is much easier to upgrade
to something more recent (in this case I would suggest 7.3) than it is to 
keep up a system that Red Hat has declared EOL. I tried this once and it 
was only 1 system and it was a major PITA to keep just the security updates
current. The only reason it hung around so long was it needed a hdwe upgrade
also and the customer didn't want to spend money on it. I was finally glad 
to see it go.


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