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RE: Shutdown Linux using computer's power off button

On Mon, 2002-12-16 at 21:30, Donald G Wilson Jr wrote:
> Hi all, In Windows XP there's an option to shutdown Windows "safely"
> when the power button on my computer was pressed. Is there any way to do
> this in Linux?
> That's odd. I had no idea WIN XP did that. I don't think Linux could do
> that because among other things, the discs are sync'd on shutdown by
> unmounting them. (as i understand it, files are not always fully written
> to the hdd when saved to save time, but everything is written to disc
> when sync'd.
> Could someone please elaborate how XP might do this?

This only works on newer cases/motherboards.  The power button does not
actually do anything to the power.   Rather, it tells the computer that
you have pressed "The Power Button" and lets the computer handle this
event.  It's passed to your OS usually, which then initiates a shutdown
routine.  (I do not know any specifics about this.)

Similarily, the key combo "Ctrl-Alt-Del" used to do a soft-reboot.  This
event is now handled by software, and is somewhat configurable in
/etc/inittab.  Check it out.


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