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Re: OT exam question

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At 12:56 AM 12/17/2002, jdow wrote:
>From: "David Sudjiman" <davidsudjiman yahoo com>
> > On Mon, 16 Dec 2002, faisal gillani wrote:
> > > 2 wat type of network topology do we preffer when
> > > using linux Network server ?
> > Their prefer.. dunno you ask them.. perhaps Ethernet? ;-)
>I'd phrase it more simply, dave. "The preferred topology is
>the one the customer specifies or that matches the rest of the
>customer's network. If no such specification or network exists
>at the moment Ethernet would be the preferred network."

When you say topology, are you referring to layer one (physical)? While the 
majority of respondents indicate Ethernet (which I will agree is generally 
the layer two protocol of choice), if we're talking physical topology, 
choices would include ring, bus, star, etc.

As far as basing one's answer on customer preferences, that's certainly a 
viable real-world scenario answer (pointing out that the best technical 
answer is not always the most feasible or most overall preferrable answer). 
I guess looking at "preference" requires a knowledge of the criteria used 
to judge this "preference". A strictly technical preference is going to 
likely yield a much different answer than taking into consideration cost 
and other non-technical factors.

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