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(no subject)

> Did you get an 8.0 version of opera?  If you want to install
> the static version, you should be able to do:
>    rpm -e opera
>    rpm -Uvh opera-6.11-20021129.1-static-qt.i386.rpm

	I did exactly that (since my previous post), and got the
first opera depencency error I've yet seen:
[root localhost btth]# rpm -Uvh
error: Failed dependencies:
        libXm.so.2 is needed by opera-6.11-20021129.1
[root localhost btth]#
	Color me paranoid, or at least suspicious: do I really
just go to rpmfind looking for that libXm -- or is something else
wrong? Even the "libXm" looks odd ...

	I'm still having catch-22 problems with RHN registration;
so I can't even try up2date opera.

	I did get Pan, btw -- downloaded the speller-free i386 from
rebelbase, and it works like a charm, as expected. So much so, in
fact, that I think I can safely set my psyche subscription to
nomail and read this list on gmane. :-)

RR 'Beartooth' Neuswanger <karhunhammas (at) lserv.com>
Double Retiree, Linuxer's Apprentice, Curmudgeon On Line
This message was created in a MS-free computing environment.

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