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Re: Links

On Tue, 2002-12-17 at 17:06, Scott Taylor wrote:
>  Michael is the issue of my font really big enough to reply to without
> addressing my actual problem?
> > would it be possible not to include more or less stupid sigs, moreover if 
> > they contain a a non-ascii character set which replaces my font when 
> > replying?

> -- 
> Scott Taylor
> Managing Director
> 4i dotCom
> Phone: +44 7767 257 371 
> Email: scott taylor 4i-dotcom com
> Web: http://www.4i-dotcom.com
> This transmission is confidential and intended for the named recipient
> only. Should you not be the person or entity named, please be advised
> that you have received this in error, and that you should delete this
> immediately.
> "™µú¡Ûû†ÚV´}_aGG)O¤ÇÞä‡ïŠeØWŒ`î”ÀO‘Ãü–ÀJèŠeB–ò˵ýõ[\%ðˆ;.Aó¶¡UGÒ~å?~‡¹PÉFÃL¬7¾tI

Michael was refering to this last line which contains no legible characters.

Also, the fact that your email is confidential is pretty silly, considering
the international nature of this list and the fact that it is archived in 
numerous locations.  Save your fancy signature for corporate memos.


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