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Re: Tenet window scrolling on win 9* boxes

windows telnet sucks

Use PuTTY on Windows http://www.chiark.greenend.org.uk/~sgtatham/putty/

it does SSH and telnet :)


--On Tuesday, December 17, 2002 04:59:52 PM -0700 Ben Dugdale <turtlendog rmusd net> wrote:


I'm on a school network and have a RedHat 8 box set up for the computer
club so play with.  I also use telnet to computer to launch a SSH session
to my home computer (which refuses telnet).  I don't install SSH on the
windows clients because there are too many of them, our network is
(reportedly) secure, and I'm not the admin.  I understand that telnet is
a great way to give my passwords out.

That said.  I often find that when using VI in a telnet window and
scrolling one line at a time, only the last line of text changes.  This
makes text-editing a real pain.  Scrolling works much better by
specifying 20 lines at a time, but it's still a pain.   Is it possible,
and does anyone know how to get my telnet server to force the screen to
refresh with each scroll command?  Keep in mind that I have control over
the redhat box, but not all the windows computers we access it from.

Thanks for your ideas!

Ben Dugdale

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